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No risk. All reward. Redefine your revenue.

Your lab revenue today
LabCorp’s revenue today*
$38 million
Quest Diagnostics’ revenue today*
$25 million
*estimate based on 2020 reported revenue

Take back what’s yours with Alliance PCR.

Redefine your revenue with Alliance PCR, an in-office lab model designed by industry leaders in lab services and revenue cycle management.

The Secure Option

Alliance PCR is the only lab model with zero risk. We assess your candidacy for an in-office PCR lab, and qualified candidates receive a 90-day beta test with no initial investment.

The Comprehensive Option

Alliance PCR is the only lab model to combine in-office PCR testing, including equipment and staffing, with an RCM solution proven to increase profitability.

The Elite Option

Alliance PCR is the only in-office lab model designed by leading lab and RCM experts, with performance, transparency and communication at the forefront.

Your practice. Your patients. Your revenue.​

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Are you tired of struggling with poor reimbursements?

Contact us today to find out how Nobility Pre-Funding can change the way you run your practice.